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Company overview - Yalu


About Us


Fully Customizible

Yalu provide specialized services to customize existing projects and p rovide unique experiences to the customers.


High Quality

Yalu has consistently delivered high-quality software solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients.


Latest Technologies

For all our projects we are using the latest technologies available in the market.


innovative Solutions

Yalu will provide innovative solution as per the customer’s requirements.

Provide An Exceptional Service Is

Our Mission

Disrupt the traditional IT services market with innovative engagement methodologies, high quality technical services and competitive SLAs.

Global presence

Skilled and certified WSO2 experts

Faster time-to-market and Cost-effectiveness

Strong partnerships and collaborations

Go-To Company For All Your

Integration Demands

Become one of the highly reputed IT professional services organizations in the industry.

Deliver exceptional customer service and support

Offer cutting-edge technology and services to customers

Strive for cost-effectiveness in all projects

Yalu (Pvt) Ltd is a leading software development company with a passion for creating innovative solutions that drive business success. With a team of experienced software developers, designers, and project managers, Yalu provides customized software development services to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and more.


Migrate Systems & Services

DevOps & CI/CD


Managed Cloud



API Management

Identity & Access Management


Open Banking

Health Care

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93/B Ebuldeniya Road, Hokandara South, Hokandara

Telephone : +94 76 6** ****

Email : *****@*******.com

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